We cannot build our future without an awareness of our past. This is why the history of our family has taught us the importance of the local culture, the passion for quality, respect for the hard work that creates real, tangible result. We are part of a community, and we are aware of our responsibility for creating well-being for everyone who is part of it.

For over a decade now, we have been communicating with our customers in a variety of ways, listening to their requests and above all trying to stay one step ahead of their needs. The evolution of taste and lifestyle continues to offer us new stimuli, which we are readily following, combining them with the values we recognize as our own, making us a business able to keep pace with a changing world.

Top quality ingredients

We use only natural ingredients without add-ons.

Superior taste and scent

The flavors we offer you are the fruit of the experience behind the knowledge and expertise


Premium design packaging and ultimate taste of the products make Stella Croatica worth visiting

Discover how we managed to turn the centuries-long family tradition of olive and fig cultivation into new modern experience.

We promote good practices for a proper diet, in line with the Mediterranean tradition.

We share our values and our aims with our staff and suppliers, in order to work together in pursuit of a new development model.

Stella Croatica - From Dalmatia with love