Olive oil class

Olive oil, cheese and wine are recognized throughout the world as symbols of the Mediterranean. In order to learn and appreciate its values, it is necessary to know their origin and their production process.

The olive oil school, with tasting and a professional guidance included, lasts for two hours and demonstrates the heritage and the legacy of Dalmatia through tastes. If you enjoy authentic tastes and want to know more about the local gastronomy and wine, make sure to take this course. Tasting takes place in the old family estate located within an ethnographic agro park with one of the largest private botanical collections in Croatia.

The core of each culture is gastronomy, intertwined with its history and tradition.
To truly experience the destination and its culture, it is best to explore their traditional and authentic flavors. Stella Croatica is the best place to reveal the Dalmatian secret food.

Stella Croatica is a family producer of one of the world’s best olive oils which is
awarded at national and international olive oil exhibitions.