Dalmatia, the very heart of Mediterranean basin, is a region of very temperament but hospitable and friendly people as well as the homeland of delicious food.
Karst fields, pastures covered with aromatic herbs and fertile olive groves were always providing simple and high-quality ingredients which carefully prepared by this gentile people still today give you the most unique experience.

this is Dalmatia

We breathed life back into the old stone houses so that you can immerge yourself in everyday life of our ancestors and feel hundreds of years old tradition of life on Dalmatian shrike soil, for a moment at least. Klis as a site location was chosen for a very good reason.
It is a unique place in Dalmatia that shows historical, geostrategic and natural importance of the entire region. For centuries numerus armies have fought to conquer it. Even the fictional ones (Game of Thrones). With it’s breathtaking view that stretches dozen kilometers to the sea and the hinterland, Klis is the point of collision between two Dalmatias, continental and coast one.

We follow the path of re-discovering the traditional flavors and recipes, using only the best quality local ingredients that make our region the destination of gastronomic excellence. Food is one of the basic experiences that we want to provide our guests: we do not just serve good food but we also educate visitors about the beauty of our gastronomy, guide them on the road of discovering the flavors, smells, feelings, tradition we so jealously guard, transcribe and recite. All this in a simple, natural and authentic way.
Let us seduce you with excellent dishes and top quality extra virgin olive oil.

Only the one who knows where he comes from, knows where to go ...
Just a few minutes drive, away from the city asphalt, you will be able to find this hidden gem, ethno agro park that takes you on a journey to the past. Find out how was the life in the villages of Dalmatia back in the days. Get to know our customs and culture.
In addition to the fire crackling from the fireplace, find the best smell ever, the smell of fresh bread baked in a traditional way under the cast iron bell (Peka).

We seek to be a benchmark for the spread of the Dalmatian food tradition and culture, never compromising on ethics and quality, and with unfailing respect for the environment and people. We select the finest raw materials and process them with care. These skills are enhanced and transmitted from generation to generation. Ours is an approach open to innovation, while recognizing the leading role played by experience. The flavors we offer you are the fruit of the experience behind the knowledge and expertise that allows us to strike a simple yet sophisticated balance between craftsmanship and technique, between contemporary lifestyle and our local traditions.

This is Mediterranean
modern twist on tradition

What once was a place of hard work and modest life can be a perfect place for you to escape from exactly those. Do the twist. Relax in our garden next to centuries-old olive trees, take in the scent of Mediterranean plants and enjoy the blossom of traditional Mediterranean flowerbeds. Explore Mediterranean herbs and indigenous plants that have been used in folk medicine for centuries. Find out about their healing compounds very efficient even today.

Mediterranean garden

Mediterranean garden carved in rocks under the burning Dalmatian sun, home to ancient olives, fig and pomegranate trees that stand tall surrounded by smelling and healing plants. Here you can experience all the beauty of nature that overwhelms and leaves no one indifferent. The park is an ideal place to stop for a second and enjoy your holiday, surrounded by peace and quiet.

Olive oil

Oil, green gold on our tables, is the precious gift of a tree which is nowadays known around the world and today it is the symbol of the Mediterranean civilization. But its history fades away if we look back to the past centuries and millenniums . Its history runs through legend and reality, myth and religion. It involves spaces, people and different cultures.
The basic procedure for making olive oil has remained the same for thousands of years: harvest the olives at the right time, crush them into paste, separate the solids from the liquid, and further separate the water from the oil. The method of extraction has a distinct effect on the flavor and ultimate quality of the olive oil.
Olive oil is an ever-present food on the tables of Dalmatians and, just like wine, depending on the production areas, can be characterized by a wide variety of quality. To better and fully appreciate its value, it is important to know its origin and also how it is produced.

More then 20 million years

Estimated olive age as a species

The oldiest findings of olive oil

6000 B.C.

3000 - 2000 B.C.

The world's oldiest olive tree was planted

Findings of olive groves near Split

1300.-900. B.C.

Olive tree grows in the Roman Forum, the center of the mighty Roman Empire

Beginning of new era

Planted Lunjski maslinik, the world's largest olive grove of millennial olive trees

400. y.

1560. y.

The first olive tree was planted in the New World

Polic family olive grove was planted on the island of Mljet

1850 y.


Stella Croatica olive oils win world prizes

Olive and fig tree, as the best symbols of the Mediterranean, these natural divinities, have always had a strong symbolism for mankind. In the Bible, the first people, Adam and Eve, dressed in the fig leaf as a symbol of fertility, and the dove bearing the olive branch to Noah as a symbol of the reconciliation of God and man kind. In ancient Greece the olive tree was known as “the greatest gift of gods”. In the founding myth of Athens, Athena bested Poseidon in a competition over patronage of the city by creating the first olive tree.
Olive has become the symbol of the strength thanks to Hercules, the son of Zeus. He fought armed only with the arch and the arrow and the beetle made of olive branch. It is what made him became the biggest Greek hero. Ancient Romans were also highly appreciating these two fruits, olive and fig. It is for that reason that they were planted together with wine grapes in the Roman Forum, the center of the mighty Roman Empire. It was the Christianity that has placed the olive tree on a special throne. It evokes the greatest glory and deepest sorrow for believers, as Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem by crowd waving with the olive branches but also had the moment of his suffering praying in the olive grove.

Take a walk through our garden and experience Mediterranean!

A perfect way to feel alive and share the pleasure with those you love, with your dear ones.

When we look at the ancient olive and fig trees we get the feeling that they were here from the very beginning of the world.

When we look at the ancient olive and fig trees we get the feeling that they were here from the very beginning of the world.