75 HRK/adult 20 HRK/children

Guided tours of Stella Croatica run every 30 min, starting each day from 10am, with the last tour starting at 3:30 pm.

Klis fortress is open for visits every day 9 am – 8 pm and is without the guided tour.

Approximate duration: 120 min

Guided tour of Stella Croatica includes:

  • Walk through the production area to witness the preparation of traditional delicacies
  • Visit to the distillation point to see how essential oils which are the essence of our natural cosmetics are produced
  • Walk through the botanical collection with more than 500 different species
  • Visit to the Olive museum to learn how olive oil is produced
  • Entrance to the Concept store where one can taste traditional delicacies, test the natural cosmetics, and buy those products under factory prices
  • At the end of the guided tour possibility of exploring the park further and visiting the traditional village, exploring the ethnographic collection, and having drinks, lunch, or olive oil tasting

Ticket to Klis fortress includes:

  • Visit to the Interpretation Center at the foot of the fortress
  • Exploring the museum collection of historical weapons and Uskok uniforms
  • Visit to the sacral historical Church of Saint Vitus
  • Exploring the museum content from the time of Trpimirovići in the duke’s quarters/governor’s residence

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