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    Join us on our panoramic city bus and see the most important and beautiful sites in Dalmatia’s hinterland.

    Stella Croatica is a family owned company which produces traditional Dalmatian delicacies. All their products are based on traditional recipes with authentic ingredients. You will have a chance to learn about Dalmatian cultural heritage through their ethno village and collections of authentic furniture, objects and utensils. Taste Dalmatian history through their homemade delicacies and bring some home with you!

    The Klis Fortress, located on high cliffs above Split, had great strategic importance at the time of the Ottoman invasions of Europe. Today is known as one of the filming locations of one of the most popular TV series – Game of Thrones. You will visit the governor’s residence, St.Vid’s church, gun powder storage and the garrison and enjoy an amazing view of Split with its surrounding mountains and islands.

    Incredibly rich in cave ornaments, it is the most beautiful cave in central Dalmatia. It was declared a monument of nature in 1963. The cave contains 2 main halls and corridors connecting them. While the first hall has been known since 19th century, the second hall was discovered in 1903 by 12 year-old Stipe Punda. Passing through it in a round pathway, one gets the impression of constantly moving through cave corridors between the large stalactites and stalagmites. Visitors go as deep as 85 meters and the temperature is 15 C throughout the year. Explore a different side of Dalmatia which awaits to be discovered!
    * Visitors should be advised that the only access to the cave is a steep set of stairs. Physically impaired will find the terrain very challenging.

    Bus tour stops
    Departure from Split
    12:15- 13:00
    Stella Croatica
    13:15 – 14:15
    14:45 – 16:00
    Vranjača Cave

    Price: Adults:20€ | Children:10€

    Meeting / booking point: Obala Lazareta BB
    21000  Split

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